Henna is a small flowering shrub that has many uses. Henna leaves are dried and turned into a fine powder. That powder can be used to dye hair or skin temporarily.Henna body art has been used to adorn women’s bodies in a variety of ceremonies for thousands of years. It’s still used in many wedding ceremonies among various cultures.

The leaves of the henna plant contain a natural and very effective coloring pigment: Lawsone. The powdered henna will activate with air and water. After mixing to a paste, You can apply directly to your skin for Natural, Super-Effective Coloring.

They darken as they absorb deeper into the skin. The color maxes out in about 48 hours and can naturally last for weeks. Pretty awesome stuff-no wonder Henna has been trusted for hair and body for thousands of years-And the best quality Henna, known for its color richness and content purity.

Henna Tattoo Services:

  • Name tattoo Designs
  • Small tattoo Henna Designs
  • Medium tattoo Henna Designs
  • Traditional Indian Henna Designs

All our Henna Tattoo Prices will very depending on the Henna design you are interested in. For all elaborate henna designs we require appointments. Please give us a call to book an appointment. No walk–ins

Brow Bar Guarantee:

We only use our finest Quality 100% all natural Henna. We do not condone the use of black henna which contains PPD (Para-Phenylenediamine), and can be extremely harmful, leaving permanent scars to the skin and lifelong health problems.

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